Why Highlight Government Contracting?

Why use the Federal Government contracting market as a case study? Having trillion-dollar budgets, the Federal Government buys almost anything you can imagine, so this example is relevant to nearly every product or service offering. Regardless of primary markets, nearly every company can sell to the Federal Government. Moreover, most of the requirements to operate a Federal Government contracting company are directly applicable to a broad range of industries. 

Since starting a company requires a focused, immersive approach,using a “generic” company provides no real context to understand the underlying thought process.This approach is intended to allow the reader to be immersed in the launching of a company by putting “you” and “your” goals in many of the articles. Since no two readers will have precisely the same goals, please step into the identity of somebody who has a dream of launching a Federal Government contracting company.

While the primary purpose of this publication is to provide real substance to the process of launching a small business, this publication also presents a case why the Federal Government contracting industry is an ideal market for first-time entrepreneurs.

If you’re committed to a different market or industry, then that’s perfectly fine, as well. The information provided in The Entrepreneurial Times is largely applicable to any market.  Having said this, it is recommended that you still read the articles that are 100% applicable to the Federal Government contracting industry. Understanding the variables at play in this illustrative market will help you gain greater insights from the examples presented, so you may leverage them in your market.