What is Different About The E-Times?

Perspective is the primary difference between this publication and the plethora of entrepreneurship websites, as well as the shelves of business books at your local bookstore. There are different types of CEOs and leaders, and most Founders have completely different perspectives and experiences than those faced by most aspiring entrepreneurs.

The typical entrepreneurial publication focuses on CEO authors who climbed the corporate ladder to lead large, publicly traded enterprises. These CEOs are experts at mergers & acquisitions, restructuring debt and bolstering their stock price. The second type of entrepreneurship author is even more famous. They create “black swan” innovations and spend their way to success with tens of millions of investor dollars. These celebrity Founders become billionaires from flashy IPOs or acquisitions without ever making a single dollar in profit. Monetizing their company comes later.

The latest trends in the business and entrepreneurship publications are authors who are former US Navy SEALs and SpecOps warriors.  Without question, the military is a leadership petri dish, and every American should be proud of these veterans! However, even the slightest bit of scrutiny reveals that this group of authors are providing business advise while possessing ZERO profit & loss experience!  Of course, they do have credibility regarding leadership topics, but “killing bad guys” does not immediately relate to marketing or reducing infrastructure costs. That’s a bit of a stretch for most readers.

These famous CEOs and SpecOps warriors provide well-written and worthwhile content. However, the information is mostly philosophical or motivational, providing very limited “actionable” insights regarding how to launch a successful business. Investing in quality, treating your employees well, setting ambitious goals, and effectively managing your time are helpful life and business pursuits. Unfortunately, “believing in your dreams” and other motivational poster “tag lines” don’t teach you strategies to streamline your invoicing processes to get paid faster!   

Regrettably, most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know a single chief executive from the category of CEO that they aspire to be. These CEOs are experts at leading startups from just a dream to tens of millions of dollars in revenue on shoestring budgets. Despite being virtually unknown, they represent the majority of business owners. They’re the ones living and fighting in the trenches. They know where the landmines are. They have the hard-learned lessons written in blood and bankruptcy! 

Unfortunately, very few of these unknown CEOs publish content. Why publish an article or book written by a decamillionaire entrepreneur when entire rows of flashy books written by billionaires, celebrity CEOs and former “green-eyed snake eaters” exist?

The Entrepreneurial Times was launched to fill this void by providing real, actionable content that aspiring entrepreneurs need to be successful!