Is the E-Times Relevant to Me?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and want to learn the principles of successful entrepreneurship by seeing these principles applied in a real-world example, then The Entrepreneurial Times is for you. This publication was written to transform the vague tenets of successful entrepreneurship into discreet, actionable steps through a proven approach.

For aspiring entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the Federal Government contracting market, The Entrepreneurial Times is a treasure chest of “industry insider” knowledge and a literal instruction manual. Possessing trillion-dollar budgets and earmarking 23% of its procurements as Small Business Set Asides, this can be a very lucrative market for first-time entrepreneurs.

For those considering other markets, The Entrepreneurial Timesgoes well beyond feel-good motivational statements. This publication uses real-world, relevant examples and proven strategies to successfully launch a company—any company—in any market.

And, yes, this publication is also relevant to people who don’t have any entrepreneurial interests. The articles and their underlying strategies are as equally effective helping non-entrepreneurs accomplish their personal goals as it is helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch successful startups.

Finally, in between the lines of the articles in this publication is a story about how a normal guy learned that he was “good enough” to pursue even his most ambitious goals.