Debunking the GovCon Myth: Contractors Get a Bad Rap

One reason why some companies choose NOT to pursue Federal Government contracts is somewhat ridiculous. They are concerned about the negative perception of Federal Government contracting. Admittedly, Federal Government contractors frequently get painted in a less-than-flattering manner.

Pop culture has turned its back on the Federal Government. Just go to the movies and you will watch greedy defense contractors serve as ruthless mercenaries, create apocalyptic bioweapons, and even try to weaponize dinosaurs. Yes, poor, innocent dinosaurs. As of the publication of the article, the Department of Defense will neither confirm nor deny the presence of Velociraptors in our Defense Arsenal.

Greed and a total lack of ethics, if not common sense, are the underlying themes Hollywood and the 24/7 news networks use to portray government contractors. The days of heroically portraying Rosie-the-Riveter are long gone. Sadly, supporting your country has waned in popularity.

To be honest, this negative perception provides aspiring entrepreneurs with more Federal Government contracting opportunities! Here’s why. Perceived negative “press,” as well as more legitimate reasons such as misalignment of a company’s sales cycle and service offerings, will continue to keep 95% of US companies from competing for Federal Government contracts!

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Only 5% of US companies actively pursue Federal Government contracting opportunities. And carving up the Federal Government trillion-dollar spending pie! Without question, these slices can be really large!