About the Editor — Randy Wimmer

With over 30 years of military, contracting and entrepreneurial experience, Randy Wimmer is the ultimate “industry insider” for launching startups in the Federal Government (FedGov) contracting market. He has led proposal efforts culminating in over a billion dollars in awarded government contracts and has led multiple successful FedGov contracting companies to rewarding acquisitions. Although he achieved financial independence by launching a company from his kitchen table after his kids went to bed, his journey to entrepreneurial success wasn’t an easy path. His lack of actionable knowledge became apparent during his first and second startup attempts.

Although his first two attempts at launching a FedGov contracting company ultimately failed, his experiences were priceless! During these failed startup attempts, Randy was incorporating his hard-learned lessons into a structured process that would ultimately enable him to achieve financial independence. Again, his journey to entrepreneurial success wasn’t an easy path. In fact, Randy frequently jokes that he cleared a path through the startup minefield by stepping on every mine!

Using his refined, structured approach to relaunch Analytic Strategies, yet again, his third attempt at entrepreneurship succeeded with a vengeance! Within months, he had been awarded multiple government contracts, generating millions of dollars in revenue. He left his kitchen office and shifted his focus to creating infrastructure that could support sustained, rapid growth.  In 2016, Randy sold Analytic Strategies LLC for eight figures.

For Randy’s entrepreneurial success, he was selected to Mindshare, an invitation-only consortium of Founders from the most promising technology startups in the DC Metro/Mid-Atlantic area. For his contributions to the DoD and Intelligence Community, he was selected to MissionLink, an invitation-only consortium of CEOs and “thought leaders” to collaborate with senior government executives regarding pressing national security issues. For his business success, he made the INC Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Companies and the Washington Tech “Fast 50” lists on multiple occasions. For the successes of his family owned and operated nonprofit organization, it received the President George H.W. Bush Points of Light Award, our nation’s most prestigious award for volunteerism and services.  Now Randy is helping other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. 

In 2020, he founded Government Contracting Academy, a social-impact company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs a comprehensive training and support program to launch a company in the FedGov contracting market. Government Contracting Academy is unique in that it lays a trail of breadcrumbs that can lead aspiring entrepreneurs from working on a laptop at their kitchen table to successfully starting a company that taps into the trillions of dollars the US Federal Government spends.

In 2021, he founded The ISO Certification Group to help small businesses obtain prestigious corporate credentials to help them become more competitive. The ISO Certification Group supports small businesses obtain the following prestigious marks of excellence: ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO 27001 Information Security Certification, ISO 20000-1 IT Services Certification, ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification, ISO 14000 Environmental Management Certification, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Certification, CMMI (Development) Level II/III Appraisal and CMMI (Services) Level II/III Appraisal.